Initial Consultations

Initial Consultations
  1. Introduction and Overview: During our first meeting, we’ll take some time to get to know each other. I’ll explain the principles of Reiki, how energy healing works, and what you can expect during a typical session.
  2. Health and Wellness Assessment: We’ll discuss your current physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This conversation helps me understand any specific issues or areas of concern you might have, whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, physical pain, or other challenges.
  3. Setting Intentions: Setting clear intentions is an essential part of the Reiki process. Together, we’ll define your goals for the session and the overall healing journey. Whether you seek relaxation, pain relief, emotional healing, or spiritual growth, your intentions will guide the treatment.
  4. Explanation of the Process: I’ll walk you through what happens during a Reiki session, including how you might feel and the various sensations you may experience. We’ll also discuss any questions or concerns you might have to ensure you feel comfortable and informed.
  5. Personalized Treatment Plan: Based on our discussion, I will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. This plan may include the number of sessions recommended, any complementary practices that might benefit you, and follow-up appointments to track your progress.
  6. Relaxation and Preparation: Before starting the treatment, I’ll guide you through a brief relaxation exercise to help you feel centered and open to receiving the healing energy. This step ensures you are in a peaceful state of mind, ready to begin the Reiki session.

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