Distant Reiki Healing​

Energy Healing
Concept and Principles

1. Universal Energy Connection

Distance Reiki healing operates on the principle that universal life energy, or “Ki,” can be directed and transmitted beyond physical boundaries. Practitioners believe that all beings are interconnected through this universal energy field, enabling the transfer of healing energy across distances.

2. Intention and Focus

The effectiveness of distance Reiki healing relies heavily on the practitioner’s intention and focus. By setting a clear intention to send healing energy to the recipient, the practitioner can channel Reiki energy to the specific person, situation, or location, regardless of physical distance.

3. Symbol and Mantra Usage

Reiki practitioners often use specific symbols and mantras, such as the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol, which is specifically associated with distance healing. This symbol helps bridge the gap between the practitioner and the recipient, facilitating the flow of healing energy.

Process of Distance Reiki Healing

1. Preparation and Connection

The practitioner begins by preparing a quiet, meditative space to focus on the healing session. They may use visualization techniques to connect with the recipient’s energy field, sometimes incorporating a photo, name, or object representing the recipient to strengthen the connection.

2. Energy Transmission

Once connected, the practitioner channels Reiki energy to the recipient. This can involve visualizing the recipient surrounded by healing light, mentally sending positive intentions, or using hands-on techniques on a surrogate object to represent the recipient’s body.

3. Session Duration

A typical distance Reiki session lasts between 15 to 45 minutes, similar to an in-person session. The practitioner continues to send energy, often receiving intuitive guidance on specific areas that need attention or healing.

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