Reiki Healing

You begin to bloom when you help those around you grow.

What is REIKI?

The term “universal life force energy” is REIKI. Reiki is a non-polar form of energy. When the energy assumes the restrictions of time and space, or during its physical manifestation, it seems to bring harmony and drive out disharmony. It transforms into a type of healing energy inside the body. The healer experiences warmth, tingling like a needle prick, and electrical feelings throughout the reiki therapy. Another noteworthy discovery is that reiki activates on its own, with no effort from the healer. There is no set way to administer reiki, and its flow is independent of belief. After initiating, all you have to do is bring your hands up to your body. Treatment must be provided with the sole goal of healing. Reiki is delivered in tune with the body’s demands. As a result, it may be strong or weak. There is no way to turn Reiki on or off.

What REIKI is NOT 

Since REIKI has no principles or beliefs, it cannot be considered a religion. It has absolutely nothing to do, in any way, with the occult or spiritualism. It’s not about bringing up ghosts or demons, nor is it about hypnosis or any other form of psychological manipulation. There is no particular faith or belief needed to practice reiki. Only a neutral yet concentrated kind of cosmic energy is used in reiki treatments.

Effects of REIKI Treatment
  • Treatment Reiki can help you and your family once you get attuned to universal life energy.
  • Increase concentration power.
  • Increase positivity.
  • It brings balance in your life Your body stays healthy and your mind stays calm and peaceful.
  • You can keep emotions in balance You make spiritual progress.
  • Your relationship improves. Your immune system becomes stronger.
  • Better memory and a clearer mind. It helps to reduce stress.
  • You will feel more energy, relaxation, and peace of mind.
  • You will have more positive thoughts and feelings.
  • Increase intuition, and much more. Increase creativity.

Since reiki only flows in the quantities required for the recipient, it can never cause harm. Although the Usui system of reiki is the most efficient means of transmitting universal life energy, it is also the most straightforward and organic healing technique that we are aware of. Concentrated life energy will naturally flow through a person’s hands once they have been willing to become a “channel” for reiki, and they will have this ability for the rest of their lives.


The origins of REIKI can be traced thousands of years ago to Tibet. The origins of reiki are also suggested by the ancient tribes of southern India. This science was passed down from the beginning after extensive preparation in the past. Consequently, there was very little spread. Students questioned physician Mikao Usui, who worked in a Christian school in the middle of the 19th century, about how healing could occur with just a simple handshake or touch. Dr. Usui, unable to clarify or provide evidence, decided to investigate the matter further. During his investigation, he read the Lotus Sutra, which is the final discourse delivered by the Buddha. He discovered a system of mystic symbols in the Lotus Sutra and discovered that, by way of initiation, the symbols have the ability to access the cosmic energy source (reiki), hastening the healing process in living things. When Dr. Urushi directly experienced the height of awareness, a comprehensive comprehension, and the dynamics of its operation, he fasted for 21 days and engaged in meditation. Subsequently, he made a lot of trips to introduce people to the practice of reiki and to the cosmic pool of energy.

REI: The universal life force KI- Energy Dr. Hayashi established a clinic in Tokyo in 1920, continuing the family heritage. A young lady by the name of Hawayo Takata did the same in 1933. After receiving her reiki training, she eventually succeeded her as the tradition’s bearer. Hawayo Takata was a pioneer of Reiki in America and practiced the modality for almost thirty years in Honolulu. But from shortly after 1970 until her passing in 1980, she recognized the importance of carrying on the custom and eventually gave the initiation procedure some thought in order to ensure its continued existence. Some of the people who were initiated by Hawayo Takata went on to initiate other masters, who in turn disseminated reiki all over the world.

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